STABcast Bonus Episode #5: Tim ”Hot Takes” Hannon takes on the Changes

November 10, 2021

Tim couldn't join us for the 84th episode of the STABcast, but his takes are always spicy, so he recorded them on his own.  Several experts have weighed in. Luminaries from the Star Wars discord, have some opinions on Tim's Ginger Hot Takes.

Beez: "They are certainly takes."

Drawde: "I'm not listening. Please cease and desist before I have my lawyers send you a cease and desist."

Fifth Legion: "Yes, we said this last week. Tim just repeats all the things we say."


But don't take their words for it! Give it a listen and then let us know what you think. Come for the intro music; stay for the outro music, but most of all, thanks for listening to the STABcast. 

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