STABcast Episode 85: Hat Tricks are not just for Cad Bane

November 24, 2021

Come listen as Will turns on his fellow STABcasters and attempts to do what no one in the group has done before: defeat the other three members in single week. Can Will tackle Tim, Ryan, and Ben and secure his Clone Throne? Or will the empowered by the RRG Imperials toll Will's doom? Can Rebel shenanigans rout the Galactic Army of the Republic? Will the might of Darth Maul and Count Dooku turn Will's clone ball into a well blended paste?

Find out that and what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving on this episode of the STABcast!  Happy Holidays to our listeners who are traveling, a happy recognition that our Canadians friends do this in October, and for the rest of our fans who are just going to work, we are thankful for you giving us your listening time. 

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